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Blown away by Peter: The Human Cyborg. Tough viewing, as so much was heartbreakingly familiar, but it's incredible to think what technology advances can do to help people live a fuller life until there is a cure #MND

Alana McPhillips

On We Are Black and British:

I loved this SO much. The best TV conversation in my living memory. Really important for these conversations to expand from the kitchen table to the wider forum. I’m sure that there was more yet unseen. Simply brilliant


On Am Dro:

For all the hundreds of TV channels, Netflix, Amazon etc, it’s #AmDro on @S4C that we watch as a family. Stunning locations


Just finished watching @tanfrance ‘s Beauty and the Bleach. Torn between hope and devastation. Incredibly candid, thoughtful and well explored. #BeautyandtheBleach #TanFrance


Just caught up with the BBC Wales programme “Clive Sullivan: Rugby League Legend” about one of Cardiff’s greatest ever sportsmen. Not just a sporting portrait but a social history too, with lovely presentation by Nathan Blake. Highly recommended. Congrats to all involved.


Really, really enjoying the @BBC2 series #TakeAHike. Great to see amazing and beautiful scenery, places and people featured. Please make more series!


I’ve just watched We Are Black and British on BBC. What a brilliant programme. So interesting and insightful. For the husband and I, I think it has done exactly what it set out to do. Sparked debate and raised questions. Would definitely recommend.


I am blown away by the passion, the strength, the education, the lived experiences of the program Unapologetic on Channel 4. Zeze, Yinka and the whole panel are fantastic Thank you for speaking out.


@BBCWales, Wales’ Black Miners with Nathan Blake is a great watch. The rich history of black people in Wales is far reaching (and deep) and something to be proud of 👏. I agree banter is a disguise for abuse and hate. #BlackHistoryMonth #walesblackminers


Just watched @tanfrance “Beauty and the Bleach”. It is simply incredible! So eye opening and harrowing. Everyone needs to go to BBC iPlayer and watch it. #BeautyAndTheBleach


Weeeel da ni'n joio #AmDro ❤️❤️❤️❤️ heno! @S4C Doniol iawn ac adloniant pur. Cymeriadau a hanner Am-Dani Aled Sam!👏👏👏


I've just watched Peter: the human cyborg on channel 4. I have never been so touched, in awe and absolutely fascinated by a programme as I was with this show. What Peter has done for the human race is mind blowing, Put it on your list channel4 #PeterTheHumanCyborg


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