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Sunday Reviews: Should I Marry My Cousin?

Updated: Mar 17

The i‘s review of Should I Marry My Cousin?, which is available on BBC3 at 10am, 05/06/2017. For the original article, please click here.

[From The i (Reproduced Below)]

Should I Marry My Cousin?

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First-cousin marriage has been a part of Hiba Maroof’s family for generations. Now aged 18, she is facing the moral dilemma of whether she should do the same. Far from stirring up controversy, this film handles Hiba’s thought process in a sensitive way as she travels to Pakistan to meet her “eligible”’ cousins and considers whether she can marry one of them.

The Telegraph‘s early review of Should I Marry My Cousin?. This review originally appeared here.

[From The Telegraph (Reproduced Below)]

With many British Pakistanis marrying within their extended families, 18-year-old Hiba Maroof has a tough choice: to stick with tradition for a partner or go her own way. Here she weighs the pros and cons in a thoughtful film that’s both culturally revealing and deeply felt.