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Clip of Gary Younge interviewing Richard Spencer passes 10 million views

Updated: Mar 17

A clip from Angry, White and American has been doing the rounds on Facebook recently, quickly racking up over 10 million views across various platforms. The clip shows the moment when Gary Younge meets Richard Spencer, the self-styled leader of America’s alt-right, as part of Gary’s travels investigation into why Donald Trump resonates with so many people. Angry, White and American is available now on All4.

“People forcibly removed from their homes and taken to this country to work for nothing for a couple of centuries, and that benefitted them?”

On a personal journey across white America, writer Gary Younge came face to face with alt-right leader Richard Spencer.

Watch the clip here: https://www.facebook.com/Channel4News/videos/10155391203486939/

You can read read Gary Younge explain why he decided to risk giving Richard Spencer a platform on The Guardian.

I’ve become accustomed to 21st-century racism being far more sophisticated, and we were concerned about giving him a platform. We didn’t anticipate that he’d bring the gallows and the rope and finish the job himself in such ostentatious fashion.

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