• Cardiff Productions Team

Behind the scenes of 'We Are Black and British'

Imagine the kind of room you get on a company ’away day’. Blue carpets, fluorescent lights, plastic blinds. On the floor, there’s piles of Lego. Three groups are gathered here: one male, one female and the final group a mix of genders. I know this is starting to sound like a David Brent ’team building’ exercise but bear with me…

This is the setup for a TV experiment (based on an academic study) which tested which team could build a Lego bridge the fastest. Unsurprisingly, the blokes wasted their time puffing out their chests and bickering over who should be leader. The women were democratic, and lost time being too polite. Meanwhile, the mixed team stormed ahead and built a bridge to rival the Golden Gate! I exaggerate - but you get my point.

Why am I telling you this? Because it’s a good metaphor for the way I think about building a production team. Diversity equals success - but a ’diverse team’ should never be homogenous. I don’t like all-white teams. But to be honest, I don’t think all-black teams or all-Asian teams are great either.

On a show like We Are Black and British - though all of the contributors are black - it’s the mix of perspectives, opinions and backgrounds within the production team that really brought this show to life.

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